Monthly archives:August 2012

  • 40th International Madonnari competition in Grazie

  • On 2012 August 14 as every year since 2003 I took part in the traditional Chalk Art competition in Grazie di Curtatone (Mantova, Italy). Born in 1972, this was the first 'Italian' International Street Painting Competition. Every summer this event hosts many street painters and they work one very [...]
  • Wilhelmshaven Street Art Fest 2012

  • In 2012 I partecipate for the second year at the International StreetArt Festival in Wilhelmshaven, Germany. I created in 2 days a 2D a piece called Remembering I. It is connected with my painting research on memory and time in human feelings. I got the silver medal in the free art category. I[...]