Monthly archives:November 2016

  • SCABB. Art & Music in love for a special project

  • In a strange warm november, in a magic but sad period, in some nights full of thoughts,  I had the opportunity to travel inside Scabb, the visual-music world created by my friend Elia Piana. His project is really suggestive and the music he created is now special for me. Well, what is Scabb? I[...]
  • 3D old migrant on Lanzarote's pavement

  • From October 17 to 22 I was in Lanzarote to create a new pavement anamorphose. I was totally free on subject so I decided to draw a man with a cigarette sit in a small hole, something born from sand or vulcanic rocks. He has a bag and he looks sick and deep in his thoughts. The title was ‘viaje’ [...]