Monthly archives:August 2019

  • De(at)horning, my piece on rhinos in Sweden!

  • (DE(ath)HORNING is my last wall, 6,5x17 meters, painted in Bromolla, Sweden, at the Ifo Center Outdoor gallery. When arrived, in the hailstorm, I was already exhausted but stubborn on the idea of painting a piece on de-horning rhinos.Some cultures believe rhino horns are an aphrodisiac, while other[...]
  • Fogazzaro and his books in Tonezza del Cimone

  • In july I painted a wall in a small town in Italy: Tonezza del Cimone (VI). It was for the contest/project STArtVicenza and I asked my friend Fabio to help me. The subject was poetry and especially a man that is important for italian literature: Antonio Fogazzaro. I decided to make a portrait o[...]
  • Anguane e pesci abissali a Crespadoro

  • In june I worked with my friend Fabio Fedele on a long wall in a small town in Italy: Crespadoro. He won a competition to paint there. The sketch was by him so I cannot explain totally the meaning. It was on the story of the ‘anguane’.  The creature called ‘anguana’ is linked to water, with chara[...]
  • To 'bee' or not to 'bee' anamorphose in Riga

  • Just after finishing my mural in Zugliano I jumped on a plain to reach Latvia. I already painted in Riga 3 years before and I was happy to meet again my street painting family (we were 15, mostly 3D pavement artists from all ove the world). I performed in the north part of the city, in the wond[...]