3D anamorphic tribute to the great Umberto Eco

Umberto Eco (1932-2016) is one of my best writers and a surely master of culture. I loved his works and they were always very inspiring for me. Eco was quoted as saying “I am a philosopher, I write novels only on the weekends.” His presence in the literary world was that of a philosopher, his novels were a mixture of captivating narratives and intellectual questioning. I want to thank him whit a small ironic 3D draw on paper, inspired by a similiar sketch of Jon Moss. Eco is most often recognized as the author of the novel The Name of the Rose, his debut into the publishing world. In my sketch I want to see him sit on the armchair with a book. The book is the second part of Aristotele’s Poetic, a work considered as misplaced in the past, the one that in The Name of the Rose was destroyed by Jorge. I like think that now Eco found that work…

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  1. by Terry Passanisi on 20 February 2017  10:00 Reply

    Wonderful drawing project. We have this passion for the great professor Eco in common. I often talk and write about him right here, within this webzine (italian): www.downtobaker.com. Feel free to follow it. Thank you very much for your works.

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