Just few days after the Denmark art festival I went to Holland to partecipate at the second edition of World Street Painting Festival in Arnhem. Another opportunity to paint and both to enjoy with my international friends!

We were 13 artists, 4 from the Netherlands, 2 from USA, 2 from Italy, 1 from Australia, 1 from Ukraine, 1 from Mexico, 1 from Germany, 1 from Ireland. All friends from years.

The theme was “Inspiring by Van Gogh”, remembering the artist after 125 years since his death. I created a I4x5 meters 3D pavement piece made with paintings and chalk. I thought to the serie of painting with the man sit on the chair with the head in his hands. In my sketch Vincent keeps is a broken brush without bristles. A chair is going to fall into the hole.  The question is if Van Gogh with is helping the man who will sit on the chair or if he is trying to broke the pavement to get the man into the hole…is at same time scary or sad. Vincent was very responsive in his life and at same time passional and desperate. My painting will be an homage to him and to human feelings in general.

I was in Bartokplein, so close to a fantastic Library 🙂

Here is an interview made by Michelangelo Light Chamber who asked me the meaning of my sketch: https://youtu.be/vrHL_lBdbYY. He was also the official ph of the festival.

I have to thank Mike and Marieke for the best welcome and surely Andi Mether for her shots of my piece with me into and videos.