In a strange warm november, in a magic but sad period, in some nights full of thoughts,  I had the opportunity to travel inside Scabb, the visual-music world created by my friend Elia Piana.

His project is really suggestive and the music he created is now special for me. Well, what is Scabb?

Imagine to be on a island surrounded by a sea without a name. Scabb is that island. A few shipwrecked people are there, each one with his own personal story. There are a clown, a pirate, a chef, a shaman and a misterious man called Mister X. The music you will listen to is the expression of a fragment of their strong life stories. The darkness lets something of their experiences coming out. Everyone has the shape of a nesting doll, each one included in the bigger, and all connected by a spirit that often reveals itself as a woman. There are not reciprocated loves, long sad farewells, rituals, curses and hopes. You’ll find there colors, places, suggestions to discover and all sense will be touched. The live project includes visuals created by Dorothy Bawl.

For Elia’s island and listening to his evocative music I created 2 carachters, two souls, two sketches by black pen and pencil on paper: the Clown and Mister X.

Some other artists (Biro, Laura Micieli, Robs Bonfadini, Rosa Kenya Lamarsa, Camilla Lazzari e Francesca Farese) did the other carachters of the island as in their imagination.

You think Mister X could be the small puppet that is in a dangerous position with the rope? It depends on how do you feel on that island.

Here are some teasers and the Fb official page!