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  • De(at)horning, my piece on rhinos in Sweden!

  • (DE(ath)HORNING is my last wall, 6,5x17 meters, painted in Bromolla, Sweden, at the Ifo Center Outdoor gallery. When arrived, in the hailstorm, I was already exhausted but stubborn on the idea of painting a piece on de-horning rhinos.Some cultures believe rhino horns are an aphrodisiac, while other[...]
  • Abnegation Dream, a huge mural in Vukovar!

  • On june 2 in the night I left for a 3 flights + car travel to Vukovar, a city on the border between Croatia and Serbia, a place with tragic remembers. Although it has a long cultural history, it is most noted for its fate during the war in the early 1990's in the former Yugoslavia and often called "[...]