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  • Quattro anni di Arte Urbana a Brescia. Sulla mostra a CARME

  • Due parole (molto a posteriori) dedicate a LINK – Urban art festival. Quattro anni di arte urbana a Brescia, organizzata dall’Associazione Culturale C.AR.M.E. con True Quality. La mostra, allestita presso lo spazio Carme (Sala Santi Filippo e Giacomo, in via delle Battaglie), ha raccolto e prese[...]
  • To 'bee' or not to 'bee' anamorphose in Riga

  • Just after finishing my mural in Zugliano I jumped on a plain to reach Latvia. I already painted in Riga 3 years before and I was happy to meet again my street painting family (we were 15, mostly 3D pavement artists from all ove the world). I performed in the north part of the city, in the wond[...]