On June 24-26 I was at Italian Street Painting Marin Festival in San Rafael, California. A very fast stay cause unfortunately I cannot stay there more to visit San Franciscco, that I only saw on the bus. I created a 4×4 meters piece. The subject of the festival was ‘Rome’. I wanted to keep the main idea that the serious woman is a personification of Rome but she can also be as many big cities. Therefore  she is dignified as a manieristic monument. She holds up a child with gym shoes. He is related to the poor children of the surrounding districts of big cities. Many problems in families but they all dream with football in the streets. It would be as a modern Pietà. The event was great and I had the opportunity to meet again my chalk family, expecially some american artists that I find only at the US events. The dinner at Genna’s home with the most of them was also great!