This summer was my 12 time at the oldest chalk contest in Grazie di Curtatone, Italy. Over 150 pavement artists and 24 hours straight on painting. Unfortunately rain came in the evenig and also the day after. I didn’t finish my piece and the most part of the artists too. The jury decided to give prices on the paintings seen at 2 p.m., before the strongest rain. I got the 2nd medal in Maestri category and was an honor. I’t was a pity that we cannot complete the works.

My piece was a double mater doloris. A young sad Maria showing a fan with a strange draw on. That was a distorted draw that could be seen only in the reflection of the cylinder I put in the right point of view. It was a cylindrical anmorphose with a desperate mother showing the picture of her dead son. A passio hominis.