On November 21-22 I was in Houston for the 10th special edition of  Via Colori Chalk Festival.

I was invited there by Natalie Vuckovic, Director of Development at the Center for Hearing and Speech (CHS), a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children with hearing loss learn to listen, speak and read. The event was the biggest ever in Houston, with a record-setting crowd of 30,000, while the streets downtown were filled with color and music by over 200 artists from all over the world. Such an incredible weekend feeling positive energy despite the undesirable weather.

I did a very long travel, such 24 hours to stay there only 2 days so it was hard but at the end I got it. I created a chalk piece called “Musica Visiva”. A green man looks at you after playing harmonica. The instrument is in his hand yet. I thought to recent opportunities for deaf people to enjoy or play music through vibrations and visual/tactile  emotions. I was really suggested for example by the idea of Musical notes mapped to colour with the aim of augmenting the Deaf community’s experience of music.