Recently I collaborated to the UNMUTEGAZA project with a draw based on a picture by the photojournalist Belal Khaled.

Here you can download the artwork in hd format to print and past (and reading below you will know why):

Below you can read what unmutegaza project is, the text is taken directly from the their website:

As many people all around the world, we are shocked by the situation in Palestine, and have been for many years. Palestine is under fire. Thousands of civilians are dying in Gaza. Our governments in Europe are complicit of this Genocide. Their silence hurts.

Furthermore, the wall besieging Gaza is much more than a concrete wall today. After the tragic attack of October 7th, Israel does not allow journalists to enter Gaza. They have also cut off electricity and the internet, creating a Media Wall that doesn’t allow for the necessary balance in the construction of History. Fortunately, there are still a few photojournalists inside Gaza  risking their lives to document what’s happening there. And because of the ethics of photojournalism, the images they capture provide a true account on what is going on in Gaza. They are not manipulated by AI or transformed in any way.

This is why we, a group of artists and concerned friends, have decided to create artworks from the pictures made by these amazing journalists, pasting them in our city and adding the MUTE symbol. Just a small gesture to say WE DO NOT AGREE, WE ARE NOT COMPLICIT, WE ARE NOT LOOKING AWAY. So we print and paste. Print and paste.

By creating artworks based on the images of these professional photojournalists, we wish to build a bridge between our community of artists and those facing death every second in Gaza. A simple way to support, while showing the truth of what is happening.

We wish to remain anonymous on the print, as the purpose of this initiative is to support the photojournalists’ work, amplify their voice in an artistic manner to widen the scope of the spread, and raise awareness on the situation. It is not about us. This is why, on our printed materials, we only mention that they are based on an image by photojournalist (name), Gaza, date of photo.

We will share the works on our website  and on social media @unmutegaza, and encourage the public to freely download the PDF prints and paste them around the world. We kindly ask people to share the images of the pasted prints with us.

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