After 3 years since my last pavement piece in Dublin I came back to Ireland for Wicklow Arts Festival. The event was in the weekend of May 23-25 and I took 2 days to complete a new 3D art piece of 4 x 4 meters with my friend Luigi Legno. The weather was not good and cause of raining they asked us to paint inside a building open to visitors. In the Hall there were some exhibitions and workshops for kids.

The theme of the festival was ‘Explore’ so we decided to create a version of a personal Alice in Wonderland who could be an Irish young girl. We inserted the scary rabbit that is coming out of the hole with a clock in his hand and a small flying machine in the landscape is waiting for the trip.

The girl in the final piece seems to be sad and a little angry so many people saw in her a personification on Ireland itself. At the beginning, when we prepared the tripod with the lens, people became interested and began to make a line to see the draw from the right point of view. It was the first time for many of them, expecially child.

Thanks to Luigi who is a very fine artist we finished in time to see the fireworks from the castle ruins on the sea! The day after, before leaving, we took a walk in the town and we visited the Wicklow’s Historic Gaol with its interesting interactive museum.

Here are some websites that wrote about our piece!