At beginning of August I painted in the wonderful frame of a cliff above the Atlantic Ocean, on a Falesia beach in Albufeira, Portogallo. I made a 3D landscape with my great friends Carlos Alberto GH and Victor Puzin, so a friends team Italy+Mexico+Russia. The request was by BASA from Pine Cliffs hotel. The wished a virtual dangerous red carped for their guest before the concert of Aloe Blacc on august 6, 2016.

The sketch was made by Carlos and it was a illusionistic hole in the ground with the cliffs, some local birds and animals and a quite broken bridge to interact with. It was 4×20 meters and we took 3 days to finish the painting. At the end ImageIN agency put a big camera on the right point of view and the images of people passing the bridge have been looked by a big screen.

I had the opportunity to stay one day more and walk by the ocean. Amazing place to keep energy.