After my trip to Malta I flew to the US to partecipate to Marietta Chalkoctoberfest, close to Atlanta. Chalktoberfest is the premier chalk art festival in Georgia, and this year’s event brought artists from US, Mexico, Canada (Ian), Ucraine (my friend Alex) and Italy (with me Valentina, Ketty and Bruno!).

It was my 9 time chalking in the US. I have been in Florida, California, Texas, Maryland and now Georgia. My first time to the festival managed by Sally Macaulay with the supporting of the The Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art in combination with the local premier Craft Beer Festival.

I created a 3D pavement artwork together with my friend Carlosalberto GH. A 3×10 meters piece called ‘Nature Dream’, thought by him in the composition. I made a pen sketch on his idea and you can find my sketch on a video here The idea was the frienship beetween man and nature, animals as first sight. Moreover talking with my friend Genna at the last dinner we concerned about a second stronger message. Sofa where people posing was surrected by the systeme of all the animals and it seems to be precary cause all is on the top of the small shell. This system could ruin in a few time. And the child girl looking serious at the viewer? Who is she? New generations of humans that take care of the environment. Also she can be the first one to die if the animals tower has to fall so she is really involved in saving that equilibrium.

Unfortunatelt on sunday we got rain and we did not finish the Sofa. After rain the plastic covered damaged the bright of the colors so we decided to keep the picture before the rain even if the artwork wasn’t completely finished.

I was sick this time and very tired therefore i had the canche to meet artists from alla over and to stay with the friends of my street art family. The returning travel was soooo long and with 3 flights. Perfect time to read a book, a very long book 🙂