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  • Relations make you flying! 3D street art in Ruse, Bulgaria

  • In september I came back to Ruse, Bulgaria, for the 3D street art festival. This time I flew there with my friend Fabio Fedele and we painted together on a sketch by him. At first municipality asked me to change my sketch and I decided to split the festival. Fabio convinced me to go and while I h[...]
  • My 3D 'Greedy humanity' at Tizarte 2017 in Antwerp

  • On October 10-15 I returned in Antwerp, Belgium, to paint a 3D pavement artwork. The event was called Tizarte and managed by Add Moore Colors. 20 artists, both pavement and mural, worked on the subject of the Port of Antwerp. Weather was really bad, rainy and windy. I was lucky cause my artwork was [...]
  • My pavement anamorphose at Dubai Canvas 3D award 2017

  • Dubai Canvas 3D Award 2017. Difficult to reassume memories from this event. When I read about that competition at first I decided to not apply. I don’t like awards in general and that looked like a complicated one with a huge money prize. Then some great artist friends convinced me to send my sketch[...]
  • Floating dream at Brande International Street Art fest!

  • At the beginning of july I came back to Denmark for the Brande International Street Art festival. This year the group of friends was bigger and after about 2 months from my wall secret project it was special meet again some danish people that made me feel at home in may, especially Henrik, Ole, Moge[...]