Last weekend of May I was in Russia for the first time. The invitation came from BelMelFest in Belgorod, a chalk festival dedicated to the white city. Svetlana Gubina asked me to think to a 3D on the old russian movies. So I decided to work on a draw as an homage to Andrej Arsen’evič Tarkovskij. I created a sketch with him in a small hole with mud and water, both elements returning in his movies. He is thinking as in a dream in wich 3 wonderful movies turn up: Stalker (with the man and the dog in the water), The mirror (with the floating woman) and Rublev (in the image he holds in the right hand). I asked Ketty Grossi, a great friend and artist, to help me to create this 4 x 6 meters pavement artwork. The hospitality was good and we took many interviews cause people and journalists were really interested in 3D art. If at first russians seems cold, later they become friendly. Especially the joung guys that worked there as volunters, they were great in warm with us! So a special thank is for them! It rained very much. Therefore we finished the anamorphose and took a picture just in time before the second big storm.