On July 24-26 I took part at Malta Street Art Festival 2015 in La Valletta. For my second performance in Malta (last year in Sliema) with Add More Colors and in collaboration with LSD Magazine I created a 3D pavement piece on the Marsamxett harbor. It was 4×5 meter painted in Acryl with some lines in chalk.

The title of my artwork was “The mistery of the baby born on the High Seas”. A floating child girl in a white dress is connected to a old ruined baby carriage. Below the pavement is broken and water comes out from some cracks. A giant predatory fish jumps out from the water toward to the girl. I wanted to create a surreal picture. Therefore there is a precise reference to the uncertain life of babies born during migrations, now same as in the past. The baby carriage looks like the old ones from the beginning of XX century. In that period many italians travelled to the US.

Well, the festival has been an opportunity to meet amazing artists again!