Just after the russian performance I had a flight to Riga to paint as a featured artist in the first 3D street art festival in Latvia “Illusions of Riga”.

There I found 10 of my friends from the street painting family 🙂 and it was a pleasure spent time with them again. The festival crew also was really friendly and I think this was one on my favourite events ever.

We painted in a big natural park called Mezaparks. The light till the night was something surreal and unforgettable!

My anamorphic creation was a 4×5 meters pavement piece about the park in the future, something very funny and matbe new for me in that sense. I drew a old crazy hunter coming from a big hole in the ground. He is trying to catch some starks but the birds are looking at him quiet.

People could interact with the painting as birds in the empty nest. Many visitors came and weather was super too.

At the end the crew surprised us with a traditional latvian concert and the musicians asked us to sing and dance..something very funny at the end! Last day we visited the city of Riga, a treasure!