3D old migrant on Lanzarote’s pavement

From October 17 to 22 I was in Lanzarote to create a new pavement anamorphose. I was totally free on subject so I decided to draw a man with a cigarette sit in a small hole, something born from sand or vulcanic rocks. He has a bag and he looks sick and deep in his thoughts.

The title was ‘viaje’ and the piece was about 3×6 meters. I did it with tempera as background and chalk pastel for details.I was totally involved in the creation of that idea. I felt good. I was there with my friends Luigi, Valentina, Fabio, Dimitri.

Despite the painting was in Arrecife I had 2 days to relax and visit Lanzarote. Luc Carpentier brought me and 2 other artists to the other side, in Famara, to discover a wonderful place. A long beach, black landscape, sea with big waves and no people.

Amazing location for this period that for me is quite sad.

The event was managed by Add More Colors.


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