For the first time on December 5-7 a 3D anamorphic piece born in Brescia, my city in Italy. I created with Luigi Legno a 4 x 8 meters piece in Piazza Duomo, the oldest square in the city, a woderful location. The pavement was very bad for street art and two of the 3 days it rained and we had to canalize water out of the tent! Therefore at final we got it!

The title of the piece was “Sogno a cielo aperto”. The subject was inspired to the main idea of the events of the city during the christmas period: dreaming. A giant girl child comes up from the pavement and the hole shows a night sky with stars. It would be a dream about universe, with some planets and an astronaut who seems to fly toward to the girl.

Many people standed in the line to watch trought our lens! It has been an honor to work in my city after years of street painting all over the world.

On sundays some artists friends worked around us creating traditional madonnari artworks with chalk (reproducing some pictures of the XVI cent. that belong to the main gallery of the city, the Pinacoteca Tosio Martinengo). It was very hard for them too cause of the surface but they made at the end such beautiful works!

The entire event, wanted by Fondazione Brescia Musei and Consorzio Brescia Centro, was related to the project of the City Council ‘Per una nuova Pinacoteca’.

Brescia’s Pinacoteca is now closed for restoration and in the future it will be open again to the people. Meantime the Council is working to find funds to do it at best and exhibit some important artworks of the gallery in the main museum of the city (Santa Giulia, Museo della Città. Unesco’s site!) where there are also wonderful monuments and artworks.

Some articles on newspapers about the event: