On August 8-9 I was invited to be in Graz, Austria, to take part to Asphalt Oasen, the first edition of a cool new Street Art Festival mixing graffiti art and pavement art plus street music.

We were 11 artists in pavement art section (me, Luigi and Fabio from Italy, Adry, Carlos A. and Ruben from Mexico, Alex from Ukraina, Victor & Mary from Russia, Roland and Gregor from Germany).

The theme was very interesting and lovely: “Nature Reclaims The City”.

I did a 3D street art piece “Environment goddess reclaims the city”. It’s the third artwork I did on this subject cause I feel very challenging this message.

Unfortunately the second day it rained much and I wasn’t able to finish my work. It was a pity and I think it’s the first time for me to let an artwork unfinished. These are the last photos taken a few minutes before the rain!

Therefore the festival was great to meet nice new artists and people and to stay with my street art family again.

Thank you Robert Lecker for your work (and for use many of my artworks to promote the event) and thank you Georg Dinstl, Gernot Passath and Mischa Mendlik.