In novembre 2014 I have been part of the Sarasota Chalk Festival in Sidewalk Venice, Florida.

After helping the crew created the largest anamorphic pavement art in the world I made my 3D piece with Luigi Legno.

The theme of the festival was ‘Extinct and Endangered Species’ and we decided to dedicate our pavement art to mountain gorillas (Congo, Rwanda and Uganda).

We created the illusion of a hole in the asphalt and a landscape into. On a small pinnacle into the hole we inserted a hourglass with a baby monkey on the top. Out of the hole on one side a sad mother Gorilla with a small one and on the other side the father angry.

WWF says the after a dramatic decline in numbers following their scientific discovery in 1902, dedicated conservation initiatives have ensured that mountain gorilla numbers are now slowly increasing! That’s the full article:

The title was “Time is running out” and the piece was 4 x 8 meters big. Many people waited in the line to watch through our lens from the right point of view.

The festival was beautiful as always cause we met our street painting international family again!