I was recently involved in a very interesting project at Grazie di Curtatone (MN), Italy. The event is called ‘Infiorata di Maggio’ and is curated by the artist Mariano Bottoli and by Paola Artoni, president of the italian madonnari center (C.I.M.).

Mariano asked me to create an original chalk piece on canvas with an angel. Five other female artists have been involved in the project –  Michela Bogoni, Mariangela Cappa, Ketty Grossi, Simona Lanfredi Sofia and Valentina Sforzini – and they also created big canvas with angels or with Mary and flowers. Every sunday of May other artists and students will create chalk artwork on pavement on the subject flowers as the sanctuary parvise was a big garden.

There is a video (italian language) in wich Mariano explains the project with its meaning and symbols. The canvas are genuinely curtains than can be closed and open if necessary and they have been fixed to frameworks that ideally rapresent a flower with floating petals. The idea of the ephemeral related to chalk art is here fudamental. In attached some pictures of the work in progress and building the installation.

Well, something regarding my artwork. I decided to create a woman angel with two big flowers dying down in long hair. She is quite painful and severe and she keeps a big gas mask in her hand. The title is “Eschaton”. I thought about pollution killing nature. Existing resources are exhausted. More than a third of the natural world has been destroyed by humans over the past three decades. The planet will no longer be able to sustain that…