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  • Aut Aut, my 6x12 m mural in Brescia, Italy

  • Scrivo ora, a quasi un mese di distanza, il mio post dedicato ad Aut Aut. Ho dovuto lavorare ad altri progetti ma avevo anche bisogno che l’opera in qualche modo si sedimentasse, prima di parlarne. I media le hanno dedicato tanto e dopo le interviste mi sembra di non avere nulla di profondo da ag[...]
  • 3D Pavement Art in Italy, Brescia!

  • For the first time on December 5-7 a 3D anamorphic piece born in Brescia, my city in Italy. I created with Luigi Legno a 4 x 8 meters piece in Piazza Duomo, the oldest square in the city, a woderful location. The pavement was very bad for street art and two of the 3 days it rained and we had to cana[...]
  • Featured at Mostra Mercato Bienno 2012

  • In august 2012 I was invited to perform as a chalk artist at Mostra Mercato Bienno (BS). I made my big draw in collaboration with Nicola Panteghini who played as a street musician (guitar and loops). I designed in Cortile Simoni Fe' a piece dedicated to the Nature and environment. It was such of [...]
  • 40th International Madonnari competition in Grazie

  • On 2012 August 14 as every year since 2003 I took part in the traditional Chalk Art competition in Grazie di Curtatone (Mantova, Italy). Born in 1972, this was the first 'Italian' International Street Painting Competition. Every summer this event hosts many street painters and they work one very [...]