On july 4-5 I was in Brande for the first Denmark Street Art Festival. The weather was totally sunny and thousands of visitors came to visit our pavement artworks. We were 16 artists, 7 from Germany, 4 from Holland, 3 from Denmark, 1 from Marocco, 1 from Estonia, and me from Italy. The welcome was great and for me an opportunity to stay 2 days more later in Denmark (visiting Odense, Egeskov slot and a full wonderful day in Copenaghen).

I did a 2D pavement artwork with chalk, about 3×3 meters. It was a bit anamorphic. The title was “The rescue of the pup wolf”, in Denmark it sounds as “Ulve ungens redning”. People were very interested in the subject cause recently wolves have been returned in that region and it was an hot issue. I did’nt know before so that connection was interesting for me too. At final I got the Publikumpreis.

I post here some of my pictures and some by Peder Palshøj Pedersen and Bjarne Raabjerg. Thank you to Henrik Kraglund, Jette Nielsen and all the people who made the festival happen 🙂