On November 17-19 I was invited to be part of the first Street Art Festival in Den Haag, Holland. We were 9 international artists in collaboration with Planet Streetpainting.

I painted on the Scheveningen boulevard just in front of the sea and the weather was really beautiful. They built white tents for each and big banners for the promotion of the event.

They asked me to perform as a 2D artists and my theme was ‘peace ad justice’. I created a piece called “Closing Pandora’s Box – Anti-personnel mine”. It was a 4 x 4 meters.

It would be a post-modern version of Pandora’s Box. The box looks like a green anti-personnel mine. It represents the most cruel and underhand war, a fight with an invisible enemy. They are in the ground and even now they kill 15.000-20.000 people every year (most of them are children). My city in Italy, Brescia, has unfortunately been the home of the Italian land mine production till 1994.

We have 45 thousands visitors in a weekend!