I just came back from Denmark (country that I really love) where I painted my last 3D pavement piece with a spanish title: La persistència de la memòria. It was 3×6,6 meters big.

I created the anamorphic artwork in Hillerod (Hillerød) for the Kunstdage and I have to thank Christina Nymand Nielsen who invited me to partecipate. She told me she loved my ‘surrealistic’ style and she asked me to create in the event at the Slotsarkaderne something related in some way to Salvador Dalì. I took the opportunity to express both my feelings and make a tribute to his genius. The second 3D piece I created was a portrait of him in a pavement chalk artwork did in Mexico in 2013.

This time the title is a precise quote to the homonymous painting by Dalì, think one of his most famous pieces ever. The inspiration is quite funny so I invite you to read about the evening of the soft cheese..

Well, I wanted to make a deep meditation on time and on its relation with the human memory: living the time passing and his enigmatic dimension. How could instants be so fast or endless in relation with our feelings and specific moments of life? It is the same of Einsein’s relativity theory!

Also in Dalì’s works you can find another element I love much: dream. In the oniric world (space that I ‘visit’ and that inspires me a lot) each element born throught the unconscious way look like as estranging (the clocks are distorted, they have such a fluid body).

The turtle is a reference to its longevity. With irony I wanted that the interaction with the painting was a paradox. Trying to drive the turtle (time itself) with a fluid clock as a lure is as find a way to catch time with a stuff that represents a fluid time. Therefore even if time could be a mathematic and objective element, it is anyway uncatchable!

The chess has a lot of symbolic meanings however I introduced it as a tribute to surrealism itself. Dalì said: Chess is me!.

The decision to paint him as a puppet is not a critic but a funny tribute that maybe he would have liked. He is dead 30 years ago therefore he is immortal from before! Doesn’t sound as one of his aphorisms?

After finishing my piece I got the opportunity to visit Hillerod and especially the Friedriksborg castle, a fantastic place. Then I moved to Copenaghen with my love Andrea and we had a beautiful trip together.

The final picture is by Andrea Zampatti.

The article (see the pictures) is by Anna Castoldi