On July 26-27 I have been part of the Sögel International Street Art Fest, a street painting event at its first edition well-organized by my friend Frederike Fredda Wouters. The small city is in the north of Germany and I had a very long trip to get there. I met many street art friends again and I got acquainted with some musicians and performers they played music during the event, such a great stay!

My piece was about 2 x 3,7 meters and the title was “Wilkommen” as in the festival’s theme.

I drew a one-eye blind old man with a pipe with an half-blind small black dog nestled to him. The old man portrait is inspired from a wonderful photo of Lightpoacher (on flickr).

I shared a tent (cause of rain that is always a problem in Germany) with my friend Ketty who drew a girl with a black cat so it was funny have such these two works one close to the other.

The two portraits are by Roxana Gonzàlez!