In september I came back to Ruse, Bulgaria, for the 3D street art festival. This time I flew there with my friend Fabio Fedele and we painted together on a sketch by him.

At first municipality asked me to change my sketch and I decided to split the festival. Fabio convinced me to go and while I had no time to think another draw he created one that they liked. I also was friend with Dessii, the organizer of last year and she is a fantastic person so I didn’t want to make her sad about my decision.

The problem for me was the theme, that normally in festival is very flexible and there was quite specific: volleyball in Ruse for world volleyball cup that was taking place in the same days in the city. I was really bad in volleyball and I normally think sport as a way to have good relations with people and different countries (as music and art do). Creating something on volleyball itself for me was a non sense. And I didn’t want to paint any players. On that I was inflexible.

Therefore Fabio took a part of my sketch, a floating baby linked to a flying ball, and he inserted the part in his idea: a big historic building from the city. Coming out a lot of hands, in his idea players hands but in my view quite a scary design, ironic also.

I decided to do that cause it was in some way poetic and surreal as I normally do. Fabio had the right idea.

So, thanks to Fabio 🙂 And thanks to Dessii Vasileva cause her way to manage the event have been again perfect and so good in feelings.

In the event we met new artists! 3 girls from Bulgaria, 2 guys from Serbia and 1 from Mexico. We started our 3D draw before them cause I had to fly to Belgium for another festival.

And all the stay was very fast so I’m quite sorry that Fabio did not visit the city and I hope he will do next year.