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  • De(at)horning, my piece on rhinos in Sweden!

  • (DE(ath)HORNING is my last wall, 6,5x17 meters, painted in Bromolla, Sweden, at the Ifo Center Outdoor gallery. When arrived, in the hailstorm, I was already exhausted but stubborn on the idea of painting a piece on de-horning rhinos.Some cultures believe rhino horns are an aphrodisiac, while other[...]
  • Fogazzaro and his books in Tonezza del Cimone

  • In july I painted a wall in a small town in Italy: Tonezza del Cimone (VI). It was for the contest/project STArtVicenza and I asked my friend Fabio to help me. The subject was poetry and especially a man that is important for italian literature: Antonio Fogazzaro. I decided to make a portrait o[...]
  • Anguane e pesci abissali a Crespadoro

  • In june I worked with my friend Fabio Fedele on a long wall in a small town in Italy: Crespadoro. He won a competition to paint there. The sketch was by him so I cannot explain totally the meaning. It was on the story of the ‘anguane’.  The creature called ‘anguana’ is linked to water, with chara[...]
  • Aut Aut, my 6x12 m mural in Brescia, Italy

  • Scrivo ora, a quasi un mese di distanza, il mio post dedicato ad Aut Aut. Ho dovuto lavorare ad altri progetti ma avevo anche bisogno che l’opera in qualche modo si sedimentasse, prima di parlarne. I media le hanno dedicato tanto e dopo le interviste mi sembra di non avere nulla di profondo da aggi[...]